Dr Irene Nuta

GDC No. 253456

Dr. Irene is an experienced and passionate general dental practitioner. With a background in cosmetic dentistry, preventative dentistry, and facial aesthetics she has a range of specialised skillsets. Her extensive training includes expertise in facial aesthetics and an in-depth study of advanced facial and skin treatments.

Her fundamental principle revolves around delivering outcomes that accentuate an individual’s inherent beauty while maintaining a genuine semblance of naturalness. Her desire to keep up to date with all of the latest techniques and strategies to deliver the best outcome for her patients means she is forever perfecting practices in this fast-moving field.

Dr. Irene prides herself on taking an emotiveapproachto comprehend patients’ desires and expectations. One of her main motivations and inspirations has alwaysbeento cultivate a comfortable and compassionate medical environment – valuing the well-being of each and every patient she encounters.

During her leisure time, Irene finds pleasure in maintaining her fitness and health practicing yoga and playing tennis. Formerly, playing tennis semi-professionally. Furthermore, Irene uniquely combines her dental skills in jewellery design.

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Dr Irene Nuta