Rachel Clarkson

Specialist Dietitian, The DNA Dietitian

Rachel Clarkson RD, MSc, PGDip, BSc is a board-certified, Specialist Dietitian in the science of Nutrigenomics – best known as The DNA Dietitian. Rachel empowers her patients to eat according to their genes, using her method The DNA Way®. Published research in Epigenetics, Rachel, currently sits on the scientific advisory board of a number of health apps and guest lectures for the Nutrition & Genetic MSc at St Mary’s University in London. Rachel is passionate about science communication and has been featured in BBC Future, The Guardian and Men’s Health.

“It’s so rewarding to see people transform their body – empowered with the tools to make their dreams a reality with a personalised diet and lifestyle based on their own DNA – no more guessing what to eat to lose weight, boost energy and heal their gut!”