Rachel Clarkson

Specialist Dietitian, The DNA Dietitian

Rachel Clarkson RD, MSc, PGDip, BSc is a board-certified, Specialist Dietitian in the science of Nutrigenomics – best known as The DNA Dietitian. Rachel empowers her patients to eat according to their genes, using her method The DNA Way®. Published research in Epigenetics, Rachel, currently sits on the scientific advisory board of a number of health apps and guest lectures for the Nutrition & Genetic MSc at St Mary’s University in London. Rachel is passionate about science communication and has been featured in BBC Future, The Guardian and Men’s Health.

“It’s so rewarding to see people transform their body – empowered with the tools to make their dreams a reality with a personalised diet and lifestyle based on their own DNA – no more guessing what to eat to lose weight, boost energy and heal their gut!”

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Dr. Manrina Rhode

Nutrigenomics is a new scientific discipline that uses modern genomics technology to study the relationship between genes, nutrition and health. It has long been apparent that some people respond differently from others to certain foods. For example, individuals with lactose intolerance experience gastrointestinal discomfort after consuming certain dairy products, while other individuals can consume dairy with no problems. Nutrigenomics allows us to understand how our genes affect the way we respond to the foods, beverages and supplements we consume.

Our tests analyse DNA for genetic variants that affect your response to the foods and beverages you consume. The test does not predict or diagnose any disease or health condition. With the information from your test results, your Dietitian will be able to provide you with dietary tailored to your individual genetic profile.

Your test results are not intended to form a short-term 'diet'. The information provided in your report, combined with the nutritional plan created by your healthcare professional, will empower you with knowledge so that you can continually make the best dietary choices on a daily basis.

Once our laboratory in Canada receives your saliva sample from your Dietitian it should take approximately 2 weeks for the analysis and recommendations to be formulated. Your Dietitian will contact you once they receive the results and set up a time discuss them with you.

Only your Dietitian will be able to access your genetic test results through the Nutrigenomix Portal. Your NDA is marked with a unique barcode, which is what we will use at our facilities to analyse your sample. All genetic data is sent through the secure 256-bit encryption server.

You will begin to understand why your body hasn't responded very well to weight loss before now. Confusion around food will be a thing of the past as you'll finally understand what foods you need to eat more of and which you want to reduce. Do you need low carb? Low fat? High protein? Low calorie? Do you have a slow metabolism? Heightened hunger and sugar cravings? All these questions will be answered and much more!

You can also add additional tests to see how your skin ages according to your genetic makeup.

The DNA Dietitian's DNA test from The University of Toronto is widely regarded as the global leader in genetic testing for personalised nutrition. This award-winning genetic test was founded by leading researchers in the field of Nutrition and Genetics & developed according to stringent standard of scientific evidence. Direct-to-consumer tests are not regulated and you can't be sure the genes tests or dietary advice is scientifically validated.

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