Gosia Macpherson

Facial Aesthetics
GDC No. 251758

Gosia has worked for over 10 years as a registered dental professional in top Harley Street, Wimpole Street and Chelsea surgeries.

After seeing first-hand how much impact improving someone’s smile can have on confidence and self-esteem, she developed passion for skin science and non-surgical aesthetics treatments and decided to take her interest in facial aesthetics one step further and in a more holistic way, focusing on the face as a whole.

After undertaking further training with some of the leading aestheticians in the UK Gosia prides herself in offering bespoke non-surgical facial procedures and skin rejuvenation treatments.

Her treatments are designed to slow down the ageing process by enhancing natural beauty with diligence, precision and care.

Her goal is to always provide high standards of care and to always give natural, undetectable results without compromising an individual’s character and appearance.

Gosia provides a bespoke service to each and every patient, offering thorough consultations and honest expectations. She uses premium products only, and promote safe, ethical care standards at all times.

Gosia strongly believes that “learning never ends” and it is particularly important to continuously invest in training and education, so she regularly attends aesthetics courses, webinars and practical trainings to improve her skills, knowledge and keep up to date with regulations to make sure she provides the best possible service using the safest & newest techniques for all her patients.

As a member of the Aesthetics Complications Expert Group (ACE), safety & evidence-based practice is at the forefront of her practice and Gosia takes pleasure in giving her patients results with safety.

In her spare time, Gosia enjoys spending time with her family, friends and cat. She loves travelling, exploring new places and cultures. Gosia also has a huge passion for overall wellbeing, nutrition and fitness.

“My goal is to enhance your natural beauty without compromising your individual character and appearance”

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Dr. Manrina Rhode

'Tox Brow Lift' is a non-surgical injectable procedure which can help to temporarily elevate the brows and open your eyes, making you look more refreshed and rested. The difference is subtle but significant.

It is a perfect treatment for patients who want to smooth their wrinkles and lift their brows without surgery.

Unfortunately, in most cases it won't go away on it's own. Often, when the migration is very visible and doesn't look well aesthetically, we advise to dissolve it.

While any kind of injection carries some risk of discomfort, most of facial fillers include lignocaine, an anaesthetic that can help to reduce pain during the procedure, while topical numbing creams can offer additional relief. Afterwards you may experience some swelling or redness, which could last for up to a week, depending on the procedure

It works best where you already see some lines at rest, but they aren't deep yet. It will definitely improve the lines and smooth them out, but it may not be able to get rid of deep lines fully.

It takes two weeks to fully kick in, although you might notice some results usually after 3-5 days.

After getting lip filler, you may experience some swelling, bruising and tenderness.

Patients tend to report that lip swelling is the worst the first day after their injection, particularly in the morning.

Swelling should go down within 2-3 days after your lip filler treatment, and should subside completely within 2 weeks post-treatment.

The anti-wrinkle injections will last 3-4 months depending on factors such as your body's metabolism and tolerance to the toxin.

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